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DJ Songs are very famous in Rajasthan. Rajasthani DJ Songs are very well enjoyed by everyone in Rajasthan. These songs are enjoyed most in celebrations like weddings, ceremonies. Dj songs are not only meant for celebrations and wedding but also they are mixed up with Rajasthani bhajans to give it a Dj remix. These Rajasthani DJ Bhajan Songs are enough to make devotees shake their bodies.

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Byan Humari Kud Padi Re DJ Pe

1 month ago13911 0

Jio Wali Sim – DJ Video

2 months ago26371 0

DJ Walo Gano

2 months ago37931 0

Peelo Udba De – DJ Song

3 months ago69691 0

Palano Mahamaya Ko – DJ Song

3 months ago23301 0

Lilan Nache – DJ Song

3 months ago34871 0

Tejaji Ne Bulao Re – DJ Song

3 months ago19051 0

Bheruji Latiyala – DJ Song

4 months ago16191 0

Inder Raja Gaje Re – DJ Song

4 months ago29451 0

Bhabhi Nache DJ Pe – DJ Song

4 months ago33931 0

Moraliyo – Rajasthani DJ Song

5 months ago51611 0

Dhola Maru – Rajsathani DJ Song

5 months ago28791 0

Banna Kalo Coat – DJ Song Video

5 months ago23331 0